I think some of the most volatile names from healthcare sectors are disappearing from the scan result and it had some affect on my P&L. Also I was more focused on initial move and did not stayed with position too long.

Secondly, I implemented reduced account size at the end of the month.

Overall it was a slow month when it comes to each ticker movement. It would've been nice if the profit was better but I'm happy that I'm still going strong without losing day

Business Graph v6

It's been over 6 month from beginning, I'd like to update my overall plan/goal since there is going to be some changes to my 2 year plan.

As far as my practice goes, I'm feeling confident that I can produce income qualify profit consistently. That being said, trading with real money will probably have some effect on result because of added pressure but practicing another 2 years will help my mind to stay calmer.

So now I have to keep practicing and save enough money for live account but now I'm now sure how long it would take to get there.

I've been monitoring the performance of OZ trading robots(my investment) to see how much risk I should take. It targets around 5 to 15% return per month but so far the numbers are falling short even on my conservative expectation.

I was thinking if the robot can produce 3 to 5% consistently, I may be able to start cutting shifts on my day job but it seems like I need to rethink and make changes to my overall money saving plan.

Also I'm a little concerned about single pair currency strategy taken by the company. Although the robot uses hedging pretty well, the exposure to political and geopolitical risk worry me. Those factors certainly can work for the company if the robot can predict the outcome right but it's a double edged sword.

At end of day I'm not sure if I feel comfortable risking significant percentage of my savings on something unstable.

I am aware that it would be wrong to expect rock solid consistent return every month but I think it's fair to say that it hasn't proven enough evidence yet.

The company is still young and the strategy is relatively new so maybe they are still making adjustments. I will keep monitoring the performance for now

And lastly, as this plan looks like turning into much longer one, I will take more laid back approach to this blog and practice.

2 years is something I can be patient and focus clearly but if this end up become 5+ years, I'm pretty sure I'm worn out.

For now I will set simple goals on my practice which is to achieve $12k/month($600/day) profit with adjusted account size to my future live account.